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Regional Strategic, Ltd.

You Have a Vision. Give It a Solid Data Foundation.

Economic development leaders, business entrepreneurs, and community advocates are vision people. But the responsibilities of keeping a team together and focused on a goal doesn’t leave a lot of time for analysis — whether that’s collecting hard data or gathering personal feedback.

Regional Strategic, Ltd. helps you build a solid foundation under your vision. We partner with organizations across the Midwest and beyond to conduct economic impact and public policy analysis, market research, and business plans. President and senior consultant Mark Imerman is a former Iowa State University economist who brings decades of experience in data analysis and stakeholder input. We use those elements of both quantitative and qualitative analysis together in support of your objective.

At Regional Strategic, Ltd., we’re not in the business of selling 10-pound reports that gather dust on your shelf. Our job is to help you effectively connect the data's “what” to your local insight's “why” so that you can answer “how.”

Our Economic Consulting Services

Learn more about the services that we provide and find case studies from the clients we’ve worked with.

Economic Impact Studies

Using data and insights to measure the effect of policies, industries, environmental changes, and more on the impacted communities around them.

Market Research

Investigating the characteristics of the market surrounding your products or services, putting you on the path to success.

Business Planning

Giving your business launch or expansion a data-driven foundation by exploring the factors that will contribute to your profitability.

Policy Analysis

Digging deeper into the impacts of current or potential laws, rules, regulations, and more through quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Why Choose Regional Strategic, Ltd.?

Make Decisions With Confidence

Take into account the factors that contribute to your policy or business decisions, using data to measure potential effects so you can act with confidence.

Advocate With Credibility

Public policy analyses and economic impact studies highlight potential solutions and give your advocacy the data-driven support it needs.

Boost Your Profitability

Data-driven market research and business planning services will analyze the landscape around you so that you can make informed decisions that set your business up for success.

Spur Economic Development

Our economic analysis expertise can partner with regional and local economic development groups to analyze ways to spur growth.

Bring Clarity & Eliminate Confusion

Our team doesn’t hand over a bulky report that you can’t understand. We work with you to answer questions, explain methods, and ensure you get the most out of our research.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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