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About Regional Strategic, Ltd.

Economic Consulting That Positions Your Vision for Success

Regional Strategic, Ltd. helps businesses, industry groups, and community organizations create strategies, explore feasibility, and evaluate economic impact. When you work with us, we’ll not only provide you with a report, we’ll help you develop a practical plan of action to integrate the results.

We are experienced in:

  • Quantitative analysis (economic impact, market, and feasibility studies; pro forma development; and benefit-cost evaluations).
  • Qualitative analysis (focus groups, surveys, interviews, readiness analysis, and town halls).
  • Community and regional profiling and commercial area analysis.
  • Development asset inventories and evaluation.
  • Comprehensive development strategies.

Meet President & Senior Consultant Mark Imerman

In the words of former Des Moines Register Iowa columnist Kyle Munson, Mark Imerman “analyzes Census data more readily than the rest of us can count small change.”

As leader of Regional Strategic, Ltd., Mark puts decades of regional economic expertise to use as he partners with economic development organizations, businesses, industry groups, and others to explore and put data to the issues and questions they’re facing.

Mark graduated from Iowa State University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics. His work experience includes three years at the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and 25 years at Iowa State University, where he worked as an outreach economist engaged in business, community, and economic development throughout Iowa. He later worked as a director within the ISU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where he focused on student recruiting, marketing, and outreach.

Mark was instrumental in developing the Iowa Department of Agriculture’s alternative crops marketing program, the Iowa State University Department of Economics community development database system, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences undergraduate student recruiting effort.

Mark founded Regional Strategic, Ltd. in 2015 and now serves as its president and senior consultant. An expert in immersing himself into new or unusual situations, assessing available resources, and generating dynamically sustainable change, Mark is the primary economic consultant who works with clients, discusses projects, conducts research, and compiles reports.

Mark Imerman headshot

Our Methodology

Our consultants bring together quantitative and qualitative analysis in support of your vision. We don't put just a number on final outcomes. We understand that multiple stakeholder groups have multiple perspectives of your vision and will see outcomes of different values at different points in time.

The process of project development at Regional Strategic, Ltd. always revolves around you (the client). We don’t pigeon-hole you based on a one-size-fits-all onboarding survey. We don’t cram you into a “Proprietary Model.” You won’t get a restricted menu of off-the-shelf options. At Regional Strategic, Ltd., your solution revolves around your challenges, your needs, your stakeholders, and your budget.

As a first step, your inquiry will initiate a conversation. This may be a series of phone calls or emails. It may be one or more in person or virtual meetings. It may include elements of all of these. The goal will be to ascertain the challenges you want to address, the scope of both internal and external data acquisition, and the breadth of analysis required.

If this conversation leads to a mutually agreeable engagement, Regional Strategic, Ltd. will produce a Statement of Work outlining the obligations of each party, deadlines or waypoints for progress, a project fee, and any required deposits (generally 25% of the project fee but also dependent upon the magnitude of up-front project costs). Regional Strategic, Ltd. will schedule work when any required deposit payments have been made.

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