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Business Planning

Gain a Competitive Edge With Regional Strategic, Ltd.’s Business Planning Services

Launching a new product, a new location, or a new business endeavor requires intense planning and careful consideration. Compiling the correct data to accurately show your business’s projected profitability can be difficult, especially with so many factors to consider.

At Regional Strategic, Ltd., we’re ready to partner with you to produce in-depth financial feasibility analysis reports and business plans that will help you explore your market area, size up your competitors, and project your financial outcomes over the coming years. Along the way, we’ll help you identify the challenges and opportunities that may arise as you get your business off the ground.

Our report will provide direct insights that will help create a roadmap for your business so that you can achieve your goals. It will also help show your viability as you approach investors or lenders to secure funding.

How We Partner With Your Business


Identify Business Characteristics of Interest

These may include:
  • Facility needs
  • Equipment
  • Materials, product, and throughput
  • Personnel requirements
  • Market planning
  • Pro forma financials

Data Development

We may use stakeholder surveys; secondary or purchased resources; and/or vendor proposals, bids, and notes.


We evaluate developed data with respect to business characteristics of interest.

Project Report

We complete the report and any presentations that have been agreed upon within the statement of work.

Our Business Planning Projects

Regional Strategic, Ltd. worked with Chad’s Pizza, a retail pizzeria with a small-scale frozen pizza manufacturing business, to conduct market research for the viability of a proposed expansion of their frozen pizza business and the construction of a dedicated production facility. In addition, Regional Strategic was enlisted to assist in business planning by generating five years’ worth of monthly pro forma financials to guide decision-making, illustrating trade-offs inherent in product mix, pricing, and distribution options, and facilitating financing. The foundation of the pro forma financials is a set of monthly cash-flow spreadsheets. The five years begin with the acquisition of a site and facility and the purchase and installation of equipment. Required staff, services, utilities, etc. are determined and monthly expenditures are estimated. Financing, whether equity or debt, is added and amortized as necessary. Annual profit and loss statements and balance sheets were prepared to summarize the business position.

The product cost and revenue portions of the cash flow are tied to an assumptions spreadsheet which allows planners to change output levels, input costs, distribution methods, and pricing/discount levels in one place. This makes it possible to explicitly compare the trade-offs that come with price and production variability, staffing, and scale without repeatedly rebuilding each of the annual cash-flow worksheets.

The process is invaluable for a proposed business. It makes planners lay out a specific timeline of investment, hiring, procurement, marketing, and finance. Ultimately, the development of a detailed set of pro forma financials guided the business development process and supported the acquisition of financing. Chad’s Pizza broke ground on its frozen pizza production facility in April 2024.

Final reports and financials are the property of Chad’s Pizza.

In April 2020, as the potential business disruption of the COVID pandemic was coming into focus, Regional Strategic, Ltd. developed and distributed a pandemic business planning guide. We produced it to place some parameters around what appeared to be a totally uncertain situation.

We started with the concepts of shutdown and quarantine built on a foundation of known or estimated rates of incidence, growth of prevalence, rates of spread, incubation periods, and potential outcomes. We used this to look at the impacts of publicly mandated shutdowns and the effectiveness of self-imposed shutdowns.

In addition, we looked at the risk profiles of different business processes. Locating where the disease might access the workforce and monitoring the workforce to minimize infectious impacts on operations are important factors in maintaining the workforce, operations, and revenue during the pandemic.

Then we looked at the availability of federal disaster funding already approved, in the pipeline, or anticipated. The value of these funds for maintaining cash flows over shutdown periods or during demand slumps due to shutdowns or slowdowns in the market stream was addressed.

Finally, we looked at expected timelines for the development of effective vaccines.

The goal was to give clients and others some parameters around their exposure to the vagaries of the pandemic, how to limit those exposures, the risk timelines they were facing, and the mitigation resources that might be available. Ultimately, we hoped to put some planning parameters in place for our clients to navigate what appeared to be an unknown space.

Download the business planning report and an analysis of mitigation/vaccination cycles here.

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